Yellow Yip Curse


This Is More Yellow Yip Curse.

At This Point We Should Be Playing With Our Thai Friends In The Garden That We Share With Them.

But Like I Say Of Black, Yellow, Blue, And Brown. They’re Just Playing Infinite Curse On Loop.

So Im Chilling and Drinking a ton of Tea As Part of My Healing and Cleansing Work.

Check This Bottle Out. It looks Hella Cursey.

The Japs Obviously Have Lots of Science Knowledge and plant / elemental layer knowledge.

They are using that knowledge to curse us out. I dont know how they are cursing using fluid tea, but presumably in the ingredients composition is something that effects the electrolosis process the tea fluid plays a role in.

The Scots have deep integration with Japan Through The Whiskey Trade. All of This stuff should have been checked by now. We should not be breaking yellow yip curses when Its our time to play with our friends in the garden.

Why are the Scotts Not on Top of This Already. Why Hasnt the Drink Industry cleared this shit out?

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