Wonky Eyes & Black Hands

So When I Sat Down To Make This Image, I Didn’t Really Sit Down And Say Im Going To Do It About One Specific Family. It’s Just The Way The Picture Came Out With My Finite Time. Wanted To Respond To The Retarded Image In The Breton Cult Press.

It’s Really A Message To A Bunch Of Races That I’ll Elaborate On Soon.

But More Than Being A Message From Me To Anyone. As You Can See By The Movie Referenced. It’s A Message Passed Down To Me From Others.

And The Message Is Simple. Put Your Hands On Our People The Wrong Way. We’ll Kick The Fuckin Shit Out Of You.

Its Really Not Like You Are Going To See A Bunch Of Cut Scottish Irish Franko Italiano Greko Slavo Welshish Neo Nazi Storm Troopers On The Street With Bats And Clubs. Our Dark Doorways And Gateways Are Much More Mysterious Than That.

And It’s Possible One Day You Rock Up To A Certain Spot. With Your Nike Shirt On. Your Monster Energy Hat. A Pair Of Adidas Sneaks. Your Blue Bape Camo Shorts. And Our Gods Just Say. Yo Shit Is Too Low.

That Motorcycle Accident. That Tap On The Bonce. That Bus Crash. It Comes From Much More Mysterious Places Than Cut Bogan Celts Flipping Their Shit Out.

So Again, This Isn’t Intended To Be A Crude Message Just To Morgan GhoulieBoong Crawly Or The GhoulieBoong Crawly Family Alone. (Like The Moniker Mate? Thought Of That One By Myself. Creativity.)

It’s To All The People Who Are Now Pissing And Moaning. Claiming Murder, Abuse, Injustice. But Have They Themselves Endeavoured To Carve Out Their Place In The World Through Malice, Insurrection, Transgression, Violence, Conspiracy And Murder. You So Easily Are Willing To Throw Individuals Under The Bus, If Your Funny Hand Shake Blue Blood Cult Tell You It’s For The Furthering Of Your Unholy Cause.

And You Don’t Assume Our People Will Defend Ourselves Or Seek Justice. I Would Suggest Your Presumptions Are Retarded.

Anyways, The Message Is For Chinese People, Thai People, Japanese People, Aboriginal People, Korean People, African American People, American People, Quebec People Etc Etc Etc.

Who Have Conspired And Worked Toward Our Death. And Completely Neglected That We Are Peoples That Intend To Live For A Long Time And Have Prosperous Fortunate Lives. Chances Are If You Are Published Up With Occulted Communication Plotting Our Murder Or Suppression. God Knows. And You Are Going To Come Up Against Some Mysterious Forces. And Have Some Real Steep Mountains To Climb.

It’s Annoying To See A Bunch Of Treacherous Swine Pissing And Moaning, That The World Is Not As It Seemed. That All the Stuff It Says In the Bible Is Actually True. And If You Fuck With Gods People The Wrong Way. You Can Find Yourself In A Real Bad Spot. Repent Is The Bible’s Suggestion. And Who Knows. If Your Spirit Becomes More Aligned With What We Seek To Create. You Might Just Find You Win God’s Grace.

That’s The Message Really.

I’ve Got A Post Coming On Advice For People On Dealing With Government And Police What Not, And Cutting Through The Blue Blood Parasitism While Balancing Life.

Although I Don’t Owe Indigenous People So Much, I’ve Got A Post Coming For Indigenous People About Words. The Message Isn’t Your Language Is Shit Ours Is Good. Ive Demonstrated Through Pictures Common English Words Are Also Often Inverted. So In All Languages Its About Thorough Scrutiny Of What You Are Saying, What Alphabets Mean. But Rest Assured, If You Are Talking Shit Cult Babbel In Your Language Or Ours. Our People See And Know With A Clear Eye. 

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