Waving Bye Bye To The Blue Cults

I Made This Image For A Specific Reason.

Truth Is. I Have Seen Men In Motorcycle Clubs Force Tackled And Force Medicated By A Bunch Of Blue Cult Goons. Just The Same Way I Have.

That Dude Was Massive, A Huge Man. It Took 10 Plus People To Get Him Down. It Took About That On Me Also. But This Dude, Nice Enough Guy. He Started Questioning The Shit I Was Saying, And He Also Said Some Real Faggot Shit To Me, Which Is Always Alarming. He Was Most Likely A Plant.

I’ll Preface This Post By Saying. Even Though I Reference Gangs In My Work. Realistically Myself, My Brother, My Family As A Whole And The Bulk Of Men We Went To School With. As Soon As Conversation, Atmosphere, Mood Feels Like Crony Corrupt Men. Gang Shit. We Leave The Room.

But You Have To Realise. Like USA Gang Culture. Blood Crips. It’s Red And Blue. Frank Masonry. Even Though My Interest In Gang Shit Is Negligible. My Interest In Music Is High, And If Its Spirit Being Pumped Into Our Children. We Should Take An Interest. Also, You Might Think I Take An Ignorant Interest The Tunes Of Eazy E, And Somehow Get Caught Up In Or Dragged Into Gang Culture. Truth Is Some Of These Names, At This Point In My Life – I’ve Literally Done Business With Corporates That Use US Rap Figures For Promotion. Main Stream Business That Deliver Food To Your Front Door Step Put These Figures In Their Promotion. They Seek To Be Part Of Our Every Day Lives. Are They Worthy?

As Far As Motorcycle Clubs Go, The Years My Pops Was In Business. At Times He Would Do Work For Men In Motorcycle Clubs. Probably About 0.0000001% Of The Business, But Still If Men Came In Wearing Motorcycle Club Jackets ETC, He Generally Didn’t Tell Them To Fuck Off.

If Im Telling You About The Concept Of Infinity And My Laundry List of Names. To Tell Men They Can’t Assemble In Groups That All Share A Same Hobby, And Have. A Theme Or Name. Is Hypocritical. Motorcycle Clubs Are Like USA Gang Culture. Deep Masonry. The Government Attack On These Groups Again Is An Archontic Attack On Natural Humanity.

Some People Say, Once You Join A Motorcycle Gang, They Don’t Let You Leave. Really Don’t Like The Sound Of That. Sometimes Thats The Nature Of Life Though, But Being Honest As A Man Ive Walked Away From Bollocks A Ton Of Times. You Always Bounce Back.

The Crux Of The Message Here Is.

If You Are In A Situation Where People From Your Family Are Being Harassed, Taken To Hospitals, Continuously Fined, Diagnosed With Mental Health Conditions – Most Of Which Are Bullshit. We Are At The Point Where Such Blue Cults Are Being Forcibly Removed From The Lands And Purged From The Nation. So If You Are In A Real Bad Situation, Don’t Hesitate If You Have A Record Of Being A Practicing Christian, To Put Blood All Over The Situation If Required. It’s Our People Who Will Triumph In The Long Run.

But Before Jumping To Action That Will Wind You Up Behind Bars.

Let These People Know You Can See Them. That You Know Who They Are. I Give Them The Harshest Of Words. Literally If You Do This To Us, Your Daughters Teeth Wind Up On The Gutter. Again They’ll Try Implicate You For Threatening Them, But If On The Whole You Endeavour To Practice Good Christian Conduct. You Should Prevail And Are Wholly Entitled To Defending Your People.

What We Want To See From Men In Such Motorcycle Clubs. Instead Of Jumping Straight Into Violence, Is Practicing The Same Elemental Compression The Cults Practice On Us. Let The Blues Know. They Are Unwelcome. Let Them Know. You Know Where They Live. Let Them Know, You Have Your Own Communications Capabilities. Practicing Fear And Curtailment Of The Blues Will Do One Of Two Things. Put Them In Their Early Coffin. An Outcome That Nowadays Renders Me Dick Hard. Or Push Them Towards The Correct Path. Entirely Their Choice.

We Are Entirely Capable Of All The Tactics The Blue Cults Practice And I Almost Have More Confidence……Maybe That There Are Good Spirited People In Australia Enough To Outnumber Those Who Bend Down To Blue Blood Cults.


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