The Shining

I Suggest You Knee Grows Figure Out Quick What This Is About.

Im Not Going To Go Into Detail Right Away. Best I Put The Effort In To Make The Explanation Good.

The Answer Isn’t …….No Psychic Abilities == Dead Nigger.

For Me, When I First Discovered This In A Family Name.

It Was A Huge Wake Up Call. We Are Expected To Be Really Really Bright. We Speak English And Think We Know What We Are Saying. Most Don’t. We Don’t Even Know What The Alphabet Means.

I’ll Leave It At That.

But From Here.

Let’s Run With.


All The Shiny Shiny In The Ground.


So We Have The Middle Stu Kingdom. And StuAfrica.

In Essense Masonic Soul Testing. Grueling. They Will Fuck You in The Brains Away From The Bible. And It’s Up To You Own Mental Strength To Choose The Right Path.

Rules Going Forward.

Get The Funny Masonic Hand Shake Wrong == DEAD NIGGER. Well. Thats Not Entirely True. I Don’t Actually Know Any Funny Hand Shakes.

Run Around The Earth Spitting Bile Into Spirit Taking A Mediocre PayCheque From A Dodgy Jew == DEAD NIGGER.

Not Aspiring To Become Fluent In Galilean Aramaic == DEAD NIGGER.

Hungry Monster That Pumps Out Shit Spirit Fake AI Nonsense Trash Stories Into Our News Media = DEAD NIGGER.

Put Your Hands On Our Men Women Or Children In The Wrong Manner == DEAD NIGGER.

On The Positive Side. If Years Ago When I Discovered This, You Told Me Flash Forward We Would Discuss It In Public. Id Have Said You Was Off Your Tits.

Finally. My USELESS “I’ve Never Sold A Car” Nigger Curren$y. Many Years Ago. When I Spilled My Blood Up On The Ether And Invoked Apollyon. That Nigger Was Seen. Standing On A Black And White Chequered Vortex. Implying. The Whole Bottom Is Going To Fall Out Of This Bitch.

I Know You Niggers Have Been Told.



A Bunch Of Useless Paper And A Back Catalogue Of Bile And Nonsense?

Or A Whole Bunch Of Christian Spirit?

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