That N Word.

So, I’ll Cut Straight To The Chase.

The Bullshit They Tell You About The N Word.

Jew Pig Saturn Cult Brain Bonk.

So A Bunch of Black People Who They Render The Coolest Can Go Around Saying Words That Other People Are Prohibited From Saying. 

Sounds Like An Occult Magical Working. Because The Very Fact One Person Can Utter Something Into The Universe And Another Is Prohibited Means That One Can Alter The Universe In Ways Others Can’t.

The Word Nigger is Not Inherently Racist. It’s A Colloquial Shortening of The Word Negro.

Which. Acknowledging Someones Skin Tone When Identifying Both Their Race And The Nature Of Their Being. Is Also Not Racist.

When I Try To Understand The Nature of The Negro. Like When I Try To Understand The Nature Of All Things. I Run It Through Multiple Lenses.



And Black

Are The Main Words I Decode. All Roughly Give You A Similar Outcome.

There Is No Circumstance In Which Our People Are Going To Disregard Or Ignore The Nature Of The People That We Interact With. Whether A Negro Likes It Or Not.

V-Nasty And Yelawolf Had This Debate Out. V-Nasty Won.

But I Think Eazy-E Said It Best. It’s Not That You Can’t Call Me Nigger. It’s Just About How You Say It And When You Say It.

He As Other Rappers, Like Lil Wayne – Who Flatly Refuses To Acknowledge That Racism Exists – Obviously Know That They Are Being Initiated Into Nations That Are Full Of Caucasians – Many Who Loose Their Patience With The Bullshit.

The Truth For Me Is Ive Probably Never Called A Nigger A Nigger To Its Face. Because It Hasn’t Been Required In Largely Civil Working Environments. Aside From Some New Savile Monkey Niggers. They Were So Filthy That Nigger Suited.

So If You Are Some Type Of Stupid Nigger Thats Hung Up On Some Racist Bullshit. Truth About Organisations Like The KKK. Is That Negro’s Can Be Initiated Into The Deep Occultism Of That Group. A Group Our People Don’t Really Wish To Exist. But Does Exist As A Defence Against Deep Occult Cursing And A Concealed Malicious Intent That Originates From African Races.

So If You Are A Real Nigger And A Real Man On A Real Path In The USA. You Might Come Up Against The KKK. And Chances Are That It Will Be A Learning Experience. They Won’t Harm You At All. And It Will Be About Learning To Come To Terms With The Deep Occultism And Complex Initiation Rituals Of Our People.

As Far As Yelawolf. It’s Great That We Have Musicians That Can Mix With All Races And Even Step Up To Them In Terms Of Talent.

By Reinforcing An Occult Working And Fucking Young Kids In The Brain. That At Times May Need To Use The Strongest Words In Self Defence. It’s Not The Male Leadership We Need. 

The Nature Of The Curse Against Us Is Energetic. Disabling Our People From Using Energetic Defences Sails Us Under The Bridge. Something Im Sure Yela Takes A Generous Pay Cheque For Doing.

How Many Niggers. Do You See Doing The Hard Work We Are Doing. Dissecting Languages, Letters And Then Cutting Through Billions Of Dollars Worth Of Cult Bullshit. With Little Fear For Our Own Safety Which Is Frequently Violated?

It’s A Conundrum. Because There Will Be Some Niggers Doing It. But Guaranteed You Won’t See Them in Any Of The Cult Controlled Media.

But What You Are More Likely To See. Is Niggers Spitting Out Unholy Shit Under Curse Cult Rap Names For The Entirety Of Their Life. Sealed Into A Cult. Trying To Energetically Rape Us And Fuck Our Humanity In The Brains. They Have An Endless Stream Of Niggers That If They Need To Throw A Couple Of Niggers At Us Physically. It Don’t Matter If A Couple Get Blood In. Because There Is A Whole Shed Load More On The Conveyor Belt. They Spit Brain Rape For Life Because It Is An Occult Working On The Realm.

And They Don’t Expect We Are Ever Going To Stand Up And Say Watch Your Teeth Nigger. Sure Nigger. Can’t Say The Word. Sure.

Anything Else You Can Teach Me?

What The Niggers Don’t Know. Is That Their Shit Can Get So Foul. That It Actually Gets To the Point That We Energetically And Spiritually Clean The Whole Realm. And If The Means Corpsing Niggers In Transgression En-Masse. 

Thats What It Means. We Don’t Give A Fuck About The Consequence If It Means Protecting Our People. And Thats Where They Stand. Ive Witnessed People That Touch Us The Wrong Way. Blood To The Skull. Ive Witnessed Bloodlines Who Try To Occult Murder Us, Being Murdered. And Im Entirely Sure Im Going To Witness A Cult Of Sub Par Curse Niggers Being Pushed Off A Plane. Their Own Doing. Im Told Its Going To Look Like Autumn Leaves Falling From A Tree.

Ignore Yela’s Or Eminems Delicate Racial Sensibilities. They Are Only On A Knee To Bow Down To The Same Cult That Pays Them.

Feel At Liberty To Use The Words You Feel Fit To Address People When Ever You Need To Use Them.

Based On Their Current Spirit And Conduct.

They Are A Pack Of Niggers.

A Pack Of Dead Niggers. 

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