Shining, Meditation And Christianity Is Not A Path To Poverty

I Have Kind Of Said This In Other Posts But Want To Elaborate.

A Lot Of Business People Just Social Crawl. They Just Want To Deal With The Upper Crust.

Meditation Might Sound Boring. But Doing So, You Are Digging A Path Into Spirit. Obviously You May Get Ideas Others Haven’t Had. Great For Business. Instead Of Just Trying To Be In Business By Parking Your Ass Beside Any Cunt With Money. Dig Into Spirit And Bring Back Nice Ideas. Create Around Them.

Will Share Some Examples And Touch On A Few Future Projects Because Im Getting Close To Feeling Like Starting New Things.

One Project I Have In The Pipeline Is Im Thinking of Launching My Own Personal Time Zone. So Nations And People Can Sync With That.

Im Looking At Launching And Building A Pipeline To Manage Etheric Commits. Thats A Big One. No Clue How To Build It Yet.

When I Traveled To Thailand, Just As I Was Getting Settled In The Concept Of Harmonic Energetic Return Came To Me. Because I Could Feel It And See It Manifesting. So I Reged Two Domain Names. It’s Really Hard Getting Good Domain Names. I Spend A Lot On Names. And Just Run It Like Panning For Gold. Reg 100 Names. Next Year, Keep The Gold. Drop The Crap. But if You Bury Into New Territory Its Easy To Find New Concepts / Names.

So One Day, Don’t Know What This Business Will Look like But I Will Build On The Concept Of Energetic Return. Powerful Concept.

Last Example. I Was Just Down Doing An Unemployment Claim. Im Not A Dole Bludger. But When You Are In Business The Jew Pig Cult Rape The Fuck Out Of You With Taxes. So I Just Figure, If You Are Going To Look For Work, Take Their Money While Doing So. You Also Find When You Job Hunt, The Saturn Cult Time Rape You. So Take Government Money While They Do That.

Anyways Down At The GVT Building There Was This Bummy Looking Half Coon Pleb Creature. Started Talking To Me About Loosing His ID. Keep In Mind, ID, Not A Horrible Read. Identification Horrible. Taught U Before It = Eye dentification.

So He Is Guilt Tripping Me Because I Talk And Teach About This, And He Is Implying Im A Hypocrite. Because You Need ID For Unemployment Payments.

Im Thinking About It As I Go Home. And Like, Im Not Going To Get A Knights Of Malta Passport. And Be A Faggot Lodge Mason. And Get Special Access To Nations Or Any Faggot Shit Like That. Im Going To Go And Get A Regular Person Italian Passport. Because I Want To Be Part Of That Nation. I Don’t Want Special Faggot Shit Just Because Im A Living Soul. I Want To Make A World That Gives To Living Souls And Nurtures Them. While Purging Dead Blood Saturn Cults. I Want A World Where Airports Aren’t Blue Cult Rape Ports.

So That You People Can Understand My Predicament.
I Need To Figure Out.

How To Manage Being:
A Man Of Great Purity.
A Man Of Divinity.
A Man Of Holiness
A Divine Eye.
A Big G.
A Man Of Rugged Natural Good Looks.
A Man Of Great Beauty.

All While Staying Down To Earth. And Keeping Humble.

It’s Going To Be Quite The Challenge.

So They Try To Brain Fuck You And Make You Kind Of Think You Are Doing The Wrong Thing And There Are No Options. Not So.
I Still Want A World Where The Government Has Systems To Support People. Im Going To Be Writing A Brief For People With Disability On How To Protect Their Family While Dealing With The Government. My Direct Family Don’t Aspire To Abuse Government Benefits. Just Take Back What They Take From You When You Need It. Although I Have Blue Blood Cult Family That Have Been On Government Benefits Their Whole Life.

Anyways, Instead Of Letting A Toothless Bogan Coon Bum Bring Me Down. I Got Home, And Registered (As In De Calcifying Or De Detifying) – So We Will Build A Platform For Id’ing And Verifying Living Souls With Functioning Minds. And Sell It To Governments. I Spoke Before About English Words And Concepts Being Inverted And The Use Of Phonetic Cursing And Abuse. All We Need To Do Is Find The Places Its Happening And De-Invert. Build Systems That Intentionally Cultivate The Living.

What Government Do You Think Is Going To Survive. One That Feeds On Blood And Runs A Human Abattoir. Or One That Uses The Land To Breed Living Souls?

Again, The Deep Thinking, The Meditation, The Difficult Need To Wrap Your Head Around All Of These Complex Occult And Christian Concepts. Doesn’t Wind You Up in Poverty. Initially As You Work Through The Concepts You May Find Frustration. But The Meditation Will Result In More Unique Ideas. More Commercial Opportunities.

We Must Build Systems That Validate All Good Spirited Beings Efforts And Honours Gods Intention To Provide Infinite Light.

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