Russian Spam

We try to be cautions when issuing conflict related communications during times of Conflict.

With images we endeavor to give our people general guidance on what we would like to see happen to individuals engaged in malicious activity against us. If the Russian people would like. We would be more than happy to provide more specific detail on where we would like them to stick their web spam.

In this post we will talk a little bit about our relationship with Russia and its surrounding nations. We are also going to throw a bone the way of our friends in the USA if they think we are being harsh or unfair at this holy time that is of such great importance to our people.

The nature of our Relationship with Russia is that we are close friends with the Russian People. We really do not wish to witness any type of harm coming to them through military conflict at all. You could say that we are just as close friends with the people of Russia as we are with the people of Ukraine and all of the other surrounding nations in that region.

It took me quite a long time to make any comment on the conflict and being honest as a man, that’s not such a bad thing. If you wade directly into a conflict you can get sucked right in.

So even though people all over that region are probably hoping for conflict resolution, justice and peace now. The direction towards these things is not as straight forward as you may think.

Truth is we are empowered to request alterations to land borders as we see fit and just. As far as Russia Goes, I have limited interest in that kind of direct discourse.

What we are much more hoping to see is that the people of Russia, The Ukraine and all surrounding nations engage in a peaceful dialogue between each other. But more importantly what we wish to see is the people of those nations realise that there are far greater things that you can inherit over and above the land that will empower and strengthen you. If you reach high and seek to hold your treasures in the heavens you will be much more empowered across all the lands.

As far as where and with whom Russia Trade with. We don’t give a fuck. As far as we can see they have been boots down on the petri dish long before us. It’s not our business to be telling them where they can and can’t go.

Our end goal with Russia, Ukraine and all surrounding nations is to ultimately develop harmonious interactions with them that benefit us all.

When it comes to the topic of Cyber warfare and electronic Spam, It seems like Russia Excel in this area.

A large proportion of the electronic interference we experience comes from Russia. The Encoded directive in this image instructs both Russian People and leaders of Nations in the west what we want to see happen to companies, businesses and governments in Russia that intentionally engage in such electronic harassment of people in our nations.

If you had studied our peoples history comprehensively enough you would have known that we have already and on many occasions taken a stand against unfair and undue taxation. The Boston Tea Party For Example. The Picts of Scotland for example. The Declaration of independence – 1776. The list is long and goes on.

Your aggressive spam and electronic interference against our people is an unfair and unjust taxation on the systems we endeavor to build.

If you look at it this way

  • Let’s add 40% Labor to adding security functionality to all digital production.
  • 40% Labor on all interaction with neighboring / associated digital media platforms

That’s just a really crude assessment of what an average business person in the west might have to outlay just to start up online in an environment of aggressive Russian Spam.

Not only does it make our lives harder but I would postulate that companies like Google who run the protection systems for Spam, are actually running AI energetic intelligence harvesting systems. Which we appreciate about as much as the Spam.

Cutting through this digital nonsense will ultimately improve the quality of life for business leaders in Asian, Austrasian, European and American Nations.

I will conclude now by throwing the people of the USA a Bone, just in case they think we are being unduly harsh. This time known by us as END TIMES is Important for our people. It’s where God decides who has past their tests and can keep carrying out their works. And who has failed in their judgement and needs correcting.

If you look around yourself there are lots of nations and people above us. Every flag means something different. The only way I can say it is if you fly the US Flag the meaning of that flag ENTIRELY relates to Energetic transgression. Entirely. That’s what it is about. So I like to be friends with people in the USA and even trade there. But I’m surrounded by people looking down at me from far away mysterious lands. If I just sit here and big up the latest rap track out of your local USA POP Recording Booth. It really looks to the people observing me that I don’t understand whats going down and I’ve missed the point. It’s a bad look. Unfortunately for the people of America it seems like historic energetic transgression is large meaning energetic correction will be likewise.

That’s all for this post more info coming soon to divine decodes.

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