Russian Jew Vlad

Im Going To Write About This, Im Not Going To Share The Detail About Where it Comes From. You’ll Probably Find Increasingly In My Work I Conceal The Detail.

It’s Kind Of. A Response To An Article I Read And Just Perceived As Lies. To The Point I Was Like, Fuck It. Im Not Even Gonna Tell People The Truth About This. It Was Too Low.

So What Do I Think About Vlad TV. Here Is What I Think. Im Sick Of Turning On TV. To Watch A Bunch of Dumb Blood Lifeless Soulless Talentless Niggers Dribble Effluent Out Of Their Useless Nigger Noses. It’s Boring. I’ve Unsubscribed From All Platforms.

I Mean Fat Joe, Talking Fishy Maths In Music, Passable. Because There Is Some Teaching There. These Is Some Essense Of Progress, Learning. Maybe He Rises Above Because He’s A CaucaNigger.

But The Real Behind The Scenes Picture. Is Dumb Blood Russians On US Soil On Their Filthy Jew Knees – Sucking A Niggers Dick. Trying To Build A Media Saturn Shit Pipe.

I Mean You Are A Pack Of Jew Cult Running Around Like Rats Investing All Your Energy Into Building A Worthless Shit Pipe Of Useless Shit Babbling Niggers. And What It Looks Like To Any Semi Intelligent Human Is Like Dumb Blood Russians On US Soil On Their Filthy Jew Knees – Sucking A Niggers Dick. Trying To Build A Media Saturn Shit Pipe. Its Obvious And It Stinks. It Should Be Illegal To Broadcast Your Shit To Anyone Above The Age Of 3. It’s That Retarded, You Might Do Grown Brains Mental Damage.

I Would Find Something Of Higher Value To Create.

Realistically. The Only People That Are Going To End Up In The Filthy Media Shit Pipe You Are Creating Is Yourself. Because Thats Where Filthy Russian Jews Are Gonna End Up At The End Of Time. Where We Go Is Somewhere Other.

Get Up Of Your Knees And Wipe The Nigger Pre Cum Off Your Lips Russian Faggot. What It Looks Like To Me, Is That Russian Blew Jews Are Taking Info Of Blue Faggots In My Vicinity. Info Is Wrong, Flim Flam Faggotry. Thats Why I Don’t Elaborate Detail. Im Better Off Letting You Pipe Faggot Shit Out Your Shit Pipe, And Then Keep The Real Shit For Myself When Needed. It Looks To Me Like Russian Blew Jews Is Slipping – In Search Of Something They Scarcely Understand And Fail To Muster.

I Don’t Follow Russian Shit On News So Much. Looks Like A Lot Happening There. Not In My Scope For Near Future. Too Distant.

But Just To Give You Russians Some Context On The Strength Of Our Relationship. I’ve Given All Of The Good Spirit Your Miserable Spirited Russian Daughters Deserve. The Truth Of The Matter Is That The Only Place I Have Ever Seen A Russian Woman Fit In Our Society Is In A Whore House. I’ve Never Been A Customer.

But If You Want A Better Future For Your Families With Integration With Our Societies. Id Be Watching What You Pipe Out Of Your Filthy Media Shit Pipes And What Shit You Pipe Out Of Your Crooked Russian Jew Noses.

Because If You Get It Wrong Like You Are Doing. The Next Cotton Balls Used Will Be To Dry Up Your Final Discharges.


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