Run Up In Yo Crib Like My Name Was Search Warrants.

On time, showin, you the, rhythm
as I get wreck and get raw
Yeah I be the man, comin off, that be raw
It’s Busta Rhymes givin you much more

Yo y’all (y’all) one more time I come
Knucklehead flow that make you act REAL DUMB
Yo (yo), I burn your food like Florence
Run up in your crib like my name was search warrants

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So This Dude Is The Dude That Ran Up On Me With The Side Piece At AAA Mobile Burma. Constantly Saying “You have To Obey Our Law.” Yelling And Shit.

He’s Well Beneath The Steel As You Can See And There Is Not Much Light Getting Through Those Shades.

Then They Enter The Gates Of A Buddhist Temple Where I Was Permitted To Sleep. More Than 10 Dudes. Heavily Armed With Rifles And Side Pieces. Pointing Them At Me And Shit.

Can’t Take That Kind Of Steel Into A Monastery. UNHOLY!

Name I Got Was Asoga Yama Monastery. I Think Thats What The Monk Tried To Tell Me.

Can’t Get Much On Search For That. I Will Translate The Front Gate Sign One Day.

Anyways His Side Kick Was Young, Unarmed And Level Headed. Obviously Knew His Boss Swinging Steel Was Retarded.

It’s A Purge / Punish And Promote Situation.

Thanks For The Rhymes. Busta.


PS, The Stupa / Pagoda I Used In The Image Is From Lumbini – A Place I Travelled Through Before.

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