Retarded In Every Photo

Every Single Photo I Have Of This Woman. She Is Doing Something Spastic.

I Said In A Recent Post….Bad Perspective, Low Light, Darky Calls Etc Etc Etc

Here Im Sure She Is Trying To Deliver A Warning About Beer. Whilst Sucking Down A Tobacco Cigarette.

I Quit Years Before She Did.


It’s Time To Get Your Alphabet Game Together People.





It’s Not Rocket Surgery.

So How Could One Be So Spastic?

Why Does She End Up In Doorways And Beneath Arches?

Probably Because She Refused To Smoke Cannabis.

Like Many Women They Have A Strange Sensibility About The Brain.

Which In Terms Of Drugs Probably Wise, In Terms Of Herbs. Not So Smart.

So You Don’t Feed Your Brain Energy And You Literally Don’t Grow Into The Right Realm.

So You Are Gripping Onto Your Cockroach Consciousness Brain. And Your Retarded Danish Swedish Christian Mason Cult Sensibilities. And You Are Pointing Around With Your Little Fingers Trying To Make A Point. But You Neglect That The Whole Scenario Paints The Picture.

And In The Context Of The Whole Scenario Your Gestures Are Ignorant.

And They Kind Of Expect You To Look Back And Go. Geeze They Were Teaching Me All Along.

Unfortunately In Almost Every Photo I Just Say, This Bitch Was Spastic. Even In Photos There Were Beings Around Me Warning Me Something Was Wrong Here.

I’m Going To Decode Denmark Soon. It’s Probably Fallen Blood Lines There. I Think They Basically Try And Protect Their Own Seed Whilst Murdering Us.

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