Punishments – Heavy Trees

Punishments - Heavy Trees

One Issue For Young Australian’s Coming Up In Media Is ….. U Know, They Say Media Is Run By Jews, They Don’t Tell You About The Abundance Of Miserable, Corrupt, Ignorant, Agenda Driven English Cunts.

I Have Had Tons Of Interviews And Experiences With Really Negative Bad Spirited English Cunts. The English Saturn Fuck Rape You In Interviews, They Exploit Your Knowledge And Basically Lie + Cheat + Steal To Further Their Own Interests And Englands Interests.

Im Not Saying This Was The Nature Of My Manager Mark Jones, On The Whole He Was Actually Quite A Good Leader.

But On Cannabis, Miserable, Ignorant, Mean Spirited, Black Cunt.

So Punishment = Heavy Trees.

Not Sure About Ewa On Tree. If Correction Is Required Strap Her To A Table And Wave Some Dank Under Her Nose For About 33 Minutes.

Ewa, You May Not Be Aware From Our Time Together @ Starcom. But I Have A Kind Of Latent Interest In Fashion. That Tie You Are Looking At = BLECK.

Mr Tyson. You Must Also Be Informed That The T-Shirt U Are Wearing = Black + White + Checkered.

Thats All People.

Let The Punishments Commence.

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