I Wanted To Write Some Points About Mo’Kalamity’s Work Similar To What I Have Done About Ani DiFranco.

One Of The Points I Made About DiFranco Was That She Already Has A Body Of Work In The Can.

It’s Not All Perfect. There Are Obviously A Number Of Points That Ani And Myself Would Not Agree On. Aren’t There Ani?

But If You Want To Know How To Get The Monkey Off Of My Back And Im Sure Many Other Christians Plagued With The Responsibility Of Raising A Village. The Answer Is Simply To Take Such Artists That Demonstrate Social Communicative Transmutational Talent. Essentially Their Body Of Work Is Uplifting & Ascensional. And Roll It Out As A Phenomena. Thats How I Would Describe Artists That Reach The Level Ani Has. The Work And Performance Experience Become A Phenomena. Like Ani Says Her Self. The People In Life, Fans Etc Come And Go. Its Not Like We Have To Ram The Same Shit Down Peoples Throat 24/7.

Apologies Im A Bit Heavy On The Ani DiFranco. Was Quite Surprised Myself That Ani Came Through Right On End Times To Drop Some Bad Ass Tracks.

So My Relationship With Mo’Kalamity Is Exactly The Same As Ani. It’s Just An Artists I Caught On To On Youtube. Exactly The Same Way That You Have. Ani Was Actually Probably JJJ.

Being Honest, It Hasn’t Escaped My Attention That As Far As Beings Go Mo’Kalam Is Fairly Well Constructed.

But In Dialogue Between Men & Women Birds + Bees Is All Very Interesting & Probably Pulls View Numbers, But Its Really Not The Sum Total Of What Keeps Things Together & Makes Things Stick. The Very Conversation On How To Survive, Grow And Prosper Is Also Critical. Like I Said, The Initial Basis Of All My Real Relationships Is Friendship First. If You Start Constructions With The Right Foundation Things Last Much Longer.

It’s Kind Of An Area I Had Problems With Bella. Not In A Huge Sense. She Made Some Comments About Like Money And Making A Living That Made Me Just Think…..For Real Girl? Thats What You Think???

With Mo’Kalams Work, What Im Personally Trying To Get From It, Is To Utilize It For Language Study. I’d Rather Embark on My French Study Listening To Her Snazzy Tracks Than Being All Head Down Bum Up In A Text Book. Translations Would Be Awesome, Other Ideas Have Crossed My Mind. But I Think If Their Team Do The Core Translation Work English / French Across Music Vids / Lyric Vids Etc. And Then Im Sure Other People Will Be Keen To Extend Translations Out To Other Languages.

I Won’t Turn This Into A Commercial Brainstorm. But Im Only Saying This Because I Have Already Searched High And Low For Mo’Kalam Translations / Lyrics and Can’t Find Much.

Im Entirely Certain French Speakers All Over The World Are About As Giddy About Her Tracks As I Am. It’s Exactly What Im Saying About Ani. Take The Spectacular Work Thats Already In The Can. And Take The Weight Off Our Shoulders. And Turn It Into A Tool For Education And Ascension As Well As Entertainment.


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