Mickey Mouse Shit – Beneath The Molecule

Going To Put Some Words Down To This Image To Explain. And Hope It Will Also Help Me Find The Words For The Paradigm Shift I Have Been Promising To Publish.

So People Might View What I’m Trying To Imply With The Analysis Of These Images And Suggest Im Reading Too Much Into Things.

These Are Just Photos I Took While Traveling In Siam. This One Many Years Ago. And I’m Pointing The The Pink Mickey Mouse Bag. Coincidence Or Encoded Message?

Well This Recent Trip In Thailand. I Was Staying In A Building In Town That I Visited For The First Time. That Was One Of My Goals For This Trip. Checkout A Few New Spots. I Had Some Success.

So In This Building 1 Day. I Was Smoking Up Some Tree. Left The Building And Went To Hit Town. This Town Had A Nice Family Vibe On The Main Street. Around The Time. Maybe In One Of The Previous Towns I Stayed In. I Made Some Mickey Mouse References In My Work. Referencing A Kubrick Movie.

So In This Town. When I Left My Hotel. I Locked My Keys In The Room. I Went Looking Around For Someone To Help. And Almost Instantly I Find A Cleaning Lady. Wearing A Huge Mickey Mouse Shirt.

Almost Suggesting. Locking My Keys In The Room. Mickey Mouse Shit.

How Could Beings Coordinate Such A Instantaneous Response To Such An Insignificant Situation Around Ones Being.

Well, In My Coming Paradigm Shift I Will Endeavour To Explain.

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