Light Coming Up.

Lauretta Eve Saxony

Image Effect = Comic.

You know you picked the wrong niggas to fuck with, you punk bitch
Tyson uppercuts, Bruce Lee front kicks
I’m Dexter with the blood splatter
Have you shakin’ in the back seat with JFK, covered in brain matter
Everything I talk I walk
Crib lookin’ like a blackboard, oh shit, flooded with white chalk
Heartbeat racin’ fast, when I chase yo ass
With a Jason mask, pussy boy wave the flag
Life ain’t savin’ that, family draped in black
Visit your maker, now you can’t make it back
One-way ticket to the fire and brimstone
My mental’s locked up but my physical been home
Question our God ask him what do I sin for
He said I do wrong cause Eve is my kinfolk
Bloodline of a disobedient
Mixed with the heart of a butcher, make the coroner ingredients

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