How Does The Avatar System Work?

The Organic Spiritual Realm Is A Very Complex Place.

With The Lodge Mason. They Are Told They Are Sealed In.

They Also Tell Me The Same. Sealed. But I Never Believe Such Things.

I Always Believe Your Conduct In The Moment Is What Protects You.

So The High Spiritual Orders Create Renderings Of Who You Are And How You Conduct Yourself.

I Don’t Like Hex Doles. But At Some Level. The Way I See It.

Is You Excerpt Your Energy As A Being. God Has An Obligation To Do Something With It. Thats A Really Nice Part Of The Spiritual Realm. It’s A Nice Part About Having A Sincere Relationship With God. As I Said In Another Post. You Can Have Nothing. And God Will Still Be Able To Lift You. Heal You. Protect You. People Don’t Understand That. Get Up And Work Everyday. God Literally Has An OBLIGATION To Respond To Your Energy.

The Avatar System. May Actually Be An Organic System. That is Used To Channel And Direct The Energy You Excerpt. Manage It. Between Various Bloodlines. But You’ll Find It Is Infested By The Jew Pig Mason Cult And The Synthetic AI, And The Archons.

So All Kinds Of Games Are Played. Once You Figure Out Who The Avatars Are. They Will Go. No. Thats You. Thats A Mirror Of You.

But. You Will Find. Thats Not How God Sees It. Thats Not How You Gain Real Favour Of Gods. God Hasn’t Built And Sustained A Cult Of Low Bloods Running A Fake Mirror Hex. I’ve Had Experiences. That Show You. All The Bible Stuff. Walking On Water. Parting The Oceans. Etc Etc Etc. All Possible. All Real. The Mirror. Organic. Not Low Curse Pigs With Media Broadcasting Tech And Synthetic AI.

Some Examples.

You Will Notice James Alexy Cool, Who Was Kissing Men. Didn’t Want To Be Photographed.

You Will Notice Bella, Was Scared Of Me Travelling With A Camera.

And Then I Have Photos Of Bella Pointing Cameras At Me.

Its Like They Went…Oh You Are Doing It. We Are Going To Take Photos Also.

From Day One They Were Filth Spirit Curse Whores. Upholding A Complex Elemental Curse For Their Nations.

The Only Photo I Have Of Joan, She Is Pointing A Camera At Me. 

So They Are All Lodge Masons. Who Practice Occultism That They Are Taught. They Try And Harness Powers That Belong To Our Peoples. And Abuse Them Against Us. There Is No Way God Gives These People Power. Because They Are Filthy In Spirit Toward Gods People.

So Thats The Example About Cameras. They Don’t Like You Capturing And Reading Back Real Human Spirit. Like I Have Said Before. Every Photo Is A Capture Of Gods Realm. And When You Show Real Human Spirit. Real Human Spiritual Forces Read It. And They Know The Truth.

In Some Respects The Voodoo Avatars Are Easy To Deal With.

This Is Stuart Minion Holding A Banana.
This Is Stuart Minion Being A Silly Minion.
This Is The Angel Of Death Sucking Stuart Minions Banana.
This Is Stuart Minion Kicking A Filthy Jew Pig’s Head In And Putting His Children’s Teeth On The Gutter.

They Don’t Like When You Command Your Voodoo Avatars Like That. But Fuck Them. It’s Funny To Them When They Spend Their Billion Dollar Budgets To Insult And Abuse You. But Not Funny When You Take Control And Bite Back.

If You Look At The Avatar Of Willie Nelson, A Guy In My Brothers Age Class. They Did All Kinds Of Fuck Boy Mason Shit Back Then. Anyways Look At The Avatar. It Almost Looks Like The Dental Plate Is A Copy Of The Real Adam Nelsons Teeth.

I Emailed That Guy A Few Months Back And Said, Faggot You Never Out Smoked Me.

Anyways I Said, Are You the Same Dude? You Look Different. They May Switch People Up But I Look Like A Different Guy From High School As Well – I Changed A Lot So Who Knows.

So They Flip It Around And Say. No That Was A Mirror Of You. 

Not How God Sees It. Trust Me. The Mirror Realm Is A Real Thing. Not Jew Pig Faggot Masons Creating Infinite Fake Name Characters With Fake AI Using Abuse Platforms Like Youtube. Doesn’t Work Like That. Chances Are The Front Characters That Play Curse Roles Will Burn.

Just So That You Understand. The Halls Of Amenti. Are Not On Your Computer Screen. When You Hit The Streets And God Has Your Back. When You Hit The Streets And God Extends His Divine Hands. Thats Amenti.

For Australian Parents. They Will Attempt To Suicide Australian Blood Lines. The Internet. Because Even At Really Low Levels. Like Government (NBN). The Corporates At Google / Youtube. At High Intelligence Agency Level. They See Everywhere You Browse Online. This Has Been Happening To Me For Years. You Turn On To One Channel. One Site. It Gets Taken Over. Brain Fuck. Abuse. It’s A Never Ending Light Curse Wall.

But Have Confidence In God. In The Organic Realm. Get The Head. Get Spine Into The Living Waters. All The Curse Shit. All The Curse Cult Burn In The End. 

What They Are Doing With The Avatars Is Creating Etheric Records Of How Certain Beings Held Themselves. All These Faggots Who Ran Around With The Mason Cults Cursing Our Blood. Marked Up. Held In Avatars. I Mean, I Use Avatars Of People I Hardly Knew. I Still Show Them Good Spirit And Pray At This End Of Times Even Though They Might Not Have Everything They Want Yet. I Pray They Held Themselves Like A Basic Decent Being And They Are On The Journey With Us For The Long Haul.

So The Avatar System. Infested And Abused. But If You Run Complex Creative Comms. This Movie Character With This Name With This Aramaic, Hieroglyph Pictograph. Complex Comms That The Spirit Orders Read. Many Times. People Have Thought They Have Me In A Cage. Mix Up Their Light. Thats Why They Are Getting Mad Violent. Mad Scared. Mad Threatening With Me Now. In Papers. You’ll Never Work Again. We’ll Starve You. We’ll Kill You. They Are Real Scared Because They Are Finding The Realm They Are In Is Not What They Thought.

Its Infinite Light Abuse. It’s Infinite Brain Rape. And It’s Conducted By A Cult That Have Hijacked Our Occultism. Our Nations. And Our Masonic Systems. They Also Pump Our Such Constant Flips In The Narrative Because They Are Running Synthetic AI And Using Temporal Manipulation With Fake Timestamps And The Such. I Believe They Can Generate Movies And Music Albums With Synthetic AI In Minutes To An Hour. Again Full Of Occult Naming Abuse, Temporal Time Stamp Abuse, Numerology Hexing, Phonetic Hexing Name Occultism. All The Actors All Scenes – The Whole Film. AI Generated.

They Can Pump Out Light To Manipulate Brains, Control Beings And Curse Humanity At A Rapid Click With Their Programmatic AI Tech And Semiconductor Tech. They Don’t Ever Believe That Humans Will Beat Them.

It’s Like You Go Back To High School With The Flipping And Mirroring Of Avatars And Spirit Workings. Im Snoop Dogg. No You’re Snoop Dogg. Im In The North. No You’re In The South. You’re A Dog. Im A Cat. Etc Etc Etc.

That’s Why We Study And Teach. You Really Have To Know This Shit In Your Head. Down To The Letter. Because The Head Fuck Hits You. And It Hurts. Then You Just Think About It. And Go Nah That’s Bullshit Man. They Is Talking Tripe. There Is A Real Judgement System. And The Is A Real Test. If You Pass, You Are Above The Synthetic AI.

I Don’t Believe Our People Have Lost Control Of The Realm. I Think We Still Have Our Hands On The Flush Button.

They Also Used Super Powerful Tech And Violent Abuse To Try And Stop Me Connecting To The Middle Eye. Stop Me Taking Off Into The Astral Realm. But Fuck Em. I Made It. I Broke A Mad Wicked Curse. 

When I First Started Finding Avatars I Figured Its Like The Old Pharaonic System Where They Put Important Things For The Pharaoh In His Coffin When He Goes To The After Life. Up High. They Know Some Of The People You Love Run Around In These Cults And Are Not Fit To Come On The Same Journey As You So They Produce These Avatars. So You Can Communicate As You Ascend To The Heavens.  

Im Writing In Another Piece About Staged Deaths. Remember No Matter What Avatars They Create. No Matter What Brain Rape Games, Mirroring, Inverting, Slandering Etc Etc. Your Ultimate Avatar Is You. Your Real Flesh Being. Which Is Why I Say. Put Your Real Fuckin Face On The Screen. Not This Fake Mason Character Shit. Don’t Ever Let Them Take Your Real Avatar Or Your Real Eye-De-Dentity Away From You. Don’t Let Them Convince You To Run Into The Lodge System And Stage A Death And Hide Behind Avatars And Characters And Shit. 

I’ll Try And Summarise:
– Avatar System Real.

– Avatar System Compromised And Infested By Hex. (Don’t Let Them Fuck You In The Brain)

– Some Type Of Avatar System is Probably Needed At A High Spiritual Level To Manage Energetic Exchange Between Bloodlines And Create Records Of Spiritual Conduct And Direction On Earth. Its Manipulated Because Cowards And Criminals Are Always Trying To Run And Hide.

– Use Avatars As You Please. Flip Your Avatars How You Please To Communicate With Organic Spirit Leaders.

– Please Get In The Mind Set. All You See On The Computer Screen Is Brain Rape. Jew Pig Cult Abuse. They Are All Going To Burn.

– Most Importantly Trust Your Experience In The Organic Realm. If God Has Your Back There. You Will See It And Feel It. 

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