Formal Warning About Booking Travel on Agoda

This Is A Formal Warning For Our Friends And Associates That May Be Travelling Or Booking Travel To Join Us For Festivities. 

Please Under No Circumstance Attempt To Use The Agoda Website For Travel Bookings. 

The Few Times I Have Used The Agoda Site I Have Experienced Attempted Murder By Thai Nationals Who Operate Their Business In Association With The Agoda Site. I Have Also Experienced Generally Terrible Service By Thai Hotels That Are Run By Thai / Chinese / Asian Staff That Ultimately Seek To Cause Harm To Travellers. 

What Agoda Will Do Is Book And Charge Rooms To You. They Will Cause Physical Harm To You in The Room Or They Will Not Provide A Room At All. And Then They Saturn Rape Your Money. Once You Contact Them On The Site They Don’t Provide Any Resolution, They Don’t Provide Any Refund. The Site Itself Is A Big Trap. The Chat Bots Don’t Connect You To Support, And They Always Cut You. It’s All Hard Coded Saturn Rape. 

What We Need To Make Explicitly Clear To Black And Yellow Thai Monkey Niggers Is That Our People Don’t Let Thai Monkey Niggers Murder Us On Their Own Soil. We We Expediently Render All Black And Yellow Monkey God Worshipping Niggers DEAD Thai Monkey Niggers. If We Have To Fill Rice Fields With The Blood Of Dead Filthy Thai Money Niggers It Will Be Done. 

At This Point In Time All Staff, Investors & Owners Of The Agoda Corporation And Any Associated Company Entity / Corporation Or Non Corporate Body That Operates Under The Agoda Moniker Are Bound By Sealed Hard Elemental Blood Purge Orders As Beings That Pose Risk Of Harm To Our People. 

Updates On This Corporate Will Be Posted Overs Months To Come. 

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