Development Update

This is a brief post to talk about how we plan to progress with the commercial development of this project.

I think I may have made some progress on this on the initial build.

There are a plethora of Print API Providers who offer print shipping services.

We are going to create an account wallet on the project.

Any print sales that we generate will be distributed between copyright holders with a fair revenue share percentage.

We will be willing to work with artists across a variety of currencies or value exchange mediums.

There are a range of concerns. Principally that a lot of the images we produce are low quality or have imperfections in them. Still I think some artists are going to want to have a copy of images we produce Even if just to have time for some contemplation of their meaning.

The feedback we are getting from artists out of the USA is that they are being subjected to unfair and ultimately criminal commercial contracts during their professional careers.

The reality for all publishing, media, entertainment, music and movie enterprises is that the contract and commercial laws that are being written for any citizen of our lands resides below our dominion over the terrestrial plane.

We will be delivering advanced directives to our seniors on how we wish to see correction in the contractual law artists are being subjected to. Just one random example. Contracts that state that artists are forbidden to reference God in their work will be completely forbidden.

Commercial development of this project is not a current priority for us. Updates will be made throughout the year.

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