Canning The BaceFook

So This One Is In The Shit Can Guys.

Just A Note, If The Name Of The Game Is Breaking Your Babylonian Trust. Which I Have Well Broken.

They Will Try And Impose It On You Using Etheric Or Spirit Occultism Based On The Platform You Use. Ive Given You Heaps Of Clues About Meta. Word Equals Dead In Hebrew. Thumbs Up Equals Sodomite.

Was Nice To Have A Platform To Connect With Friends And Family. But It’s Time We Start Building Our Own Tools And Giving These Cults Less Capacity To Exploit And Track Our Activity. Let Them Know We Are Shit Canning Their Stuff, And That Holding People Or Violently Holding People In Babylon When They Have Clearly Ascended Beyond It – Will Ultimately Result In Their Purging And Death. As Will Spirit Cursing.

Nice End Date Hey?

Anyways Some Points On Myself. Haven’t Started Looking For Work Yet. Chillin A Bit. But Will Soon. Don’t Know About Cooking School. Still Investigating. Might Just Be A Home Project. Going To Invest In Some Cooking Gear For Home. How Fuckin Hard Can It Be To Make Sashimi?

Started Project Bok Choi.

Been Walkies. Need To Keep The Exercise Up.

Might Be Starting Kung Foo With Harry Goose Man Soon.

More Soon.


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