Can Koku Jin.

So this is after just like 10 minutes on a new dating site.

The Hi So Thais. In conjunction with the Yellow Belly Yippun. The Can Koku Jin. Are kind of cursing and meat walling. They are also doing it in physical locations.

Other Horrendous Meat wallers are Canadians who are violent and corrupt in the medical system. South African Both Male and Female Caucasoid Versions. Iranians also to a Violent Degree. And more of the Asians. So The Chinese and Japanese and South Koreans Meat wall in our medical and educational institutions. There has always been an dark israeli presence also in the south of Thailand and in years past I met heaps of Israelis around areas like Krabi.

Its strange when you peak in energy if they surround you with people that are even just a little bit off par with you, they cause energetic imbalances in you.

I think we are energetically different than some of these asian races and they have genuinely misunderstood our work and our technology.

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