Brown Bag Physical Death

Just Some Points On This.

The Concept Of A Brown Bag Physical Death.

Is Retarded Immature Faggot Shit. Probably Promoted By A Brainless Head Sick Jew Pig Cult.

The Only People Who Would Speak Of Such A Concept Would Be Beings Too Retarded To Understand 3 Letters Of The English Alphabet.

As Far As Men Go. If You Marry A Woman. And You Have Some Strange Sensibility About Her Booty. You. Are. A. Spineless. Brainless. Little. Nimmy Pimmy Faggot. Your Woman. You Know The Whole Body. You Are In A Relationship With The Whole Body. You Care For The Whole Body. People Projecting These Faggot Stories From Media. Immature Little Spineless Retards.

I Can Assure You, The Fact That You Have A Relationship With The Totality Of Your Woman’s Body. Does Not Put You Out Of Grace With Your Creator. And Does Not Have Any Negative Impact On Your Life Or Death.

As Far As Nations Who Participate In This Type Of Sexual Immaturity In Our Presence, I Think It Will Backfire On Them. In Terms Of The Filipino, We No Longer Regard That Archipelago As Land That Belongs To Them. And We See The Peoples Of Those Lands As A Weed That Needs To Be Removed.

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