Breaking A Curse And Beginning An Ethereal Journey.

Just Wanted To Put A Few Words Down About The Concept Of Breaking A Curse.

You’ll Notice That Many People Reference The Curse.

The Makers Of The Original Mummy.

The New Mummy.

But Has Anyone Successfully Broken It?

Anyways. The Whole Story I Told About A Demonic Force Holding My Body Down As It Felt Like I Was Beginning To Astral Travel Out Of My Body.

That Happened Just A Few Days After I Posted This.

So What Is That. In Short.

It’s Not Actually The Pyramid. You Can See The Pyramids At The Side. So Maybe It’s Like A Small Mound Near The Pyramid. And The Sphinx. The Sphinx Is The Origin And One Of The Meanings Of The Due Guard Of The Master Mason.

The Symbol At The Top Is An Elemental Filter. Or An Ether Filter. Which I Just Found By Doing A Web Search.

So When It Comes To Doing Your Art. Or Making Your Ether Commits. It’s Fun And Creative. And Like I Say. One Practice Is Just Letting Spirit Flow Through You. But You Can Also In Some Pieces Think Real Hard About What You Are Dropping.

I Used To Be A PC Tech. So Building PC And The Basic Tech Behind Computers I Understand. Techy Stuff. Couldn’t Build A Motherboard. But With Computers, I Just Decided To Use Tech You Didn’t Have To Fuck Around And Build And Fix. Its Like Eliminating An Overhead From Process.

Anyways, Your Ether Commits Are Real Shit. Anyone I Guarantee Posting To The Internet. Is Being Observed By Someone. Pay Attention Long Enough And You Will Get An Energetic Response From Your Work. Like Me, One Day You May Even Find Your Work Is Referenced In Movies.

But Yeah, I Believe A Lot Of Men Warned Us About This Curse. But None Dropped Something So Clear. So Simple. So Directly Above The Site Of The Curse. That Might Bust It. I Like I Said About The Heart. I’m Not A Completely Perfect Guy. The Banana Comes With A Log Book. But The Heart Has Clout Above The Checks. And I Think Dropping That Simple Piece With The Right Energy Duly Disrupted Some Demonic Dudes In The Room Upstairs.

I Was Blowing Hella Tree At The Time And Elevating. So Don’t Just Elevate And Wait For The Demons To Knock You Down Like Transmutation Through Ascension. Don’t Just Elevate And Get Depressed That The Force Is So Strong That You Don’t Think You Can Beat It. Drop Shit That Cuts At It. Meditate On What Is Blocking Spirit. And Push Spirit Back Up At It That Attacks It.

That’s All I Wanted To Share, Some More Back Story On The Image And Story Link I Posted Last Night.


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