Australian Government


Australian Government is Saturn Raping Me On Unemployment.

I Have A Feeling They Won’t Pay.

Im Actually Complying With Their Job Points And Looking For Work / Applying For Jobs.

If They Don’t Pay – It’s Been 6 – 7 Weeks Already.

I’ll Basically Begin Publishing Elemental Purge Orders.

There Is No Circumstance We Can Let Beings Managing Lands Channel Funds To Blue Tranny Cults And Premmie Monster Birthers While Raping Every Day Humans.

Was Going To Do An End Of Times Judgment For Australia Anyway, So Will Bang That Out Soonish.

The Employment Agencies Aren’t Legit. This Is The Shit They Are Sending Us. We Don’t Let A Rape Cult Rape Us. We Let A Rape Cult Get Raped. You’ll Find Out Soon Enough. Watch How You Conduct Yourselves Faggots. Thats Career One. As In Saturn 1. It Would Be Nice If We Had Legit Work Places Who Were Building Something Of Value. Not A Head Sick Monkeys Building A Midget Circus.

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