Archontic Mimicry

If You Want To Know How Sinister People Can Be. These Guys Practice Archontic Mimicry. Which is Really Energetic Extraction. Doesn’t Work Long Term. Just Another Corpsing Transgression.

Bonacci Replicates My Announcements While Spreading Lies And Fraud On The Major Platforms – Selling His Own People Out For Crackers. It’s Just Not Good Enough To Present Yourself In Front Of Intelligent Occult Material, But Not Be An All The Way Original Authentic Person. If You Have Sold The Soul, Which He Has Obviously Done Serving Dark Forces. You Ultimately Do A Disservice To The Material. Which We Have Called Bonacci Out For Previously.

I Can Be In A Random Part Of The World In A Small Town. And Bransons News Updates Come From Exactly What I Have Been Doing That Day. All Using Sophisticated Tracking And Stalking Tech.

Going To Elaborate On That Post – Is There A Omnipresent God. Because Im Also Going To Cover, Is There An Omnipresent Demiurge.

They Try And Basically Absorb Your Actions And Present Themselves As The Leader – But Being Real, The Creator Knows Authentic Action From Copying And Duplication. You Are Rewarded For Being A Natural Being. Not A Coward A Clone And A Thief. Decode Bransons Name. It’s Hilarious. He Is Some Type Of Jew Cult Eunuch. Im Certain They Present Different Bransons At Different Times Also. Just Another Mason Character.

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