Anatomy Of A Curse Corporation: The VULY Corporation. 

This Is Information About Curse Corporation Operating In Australia. Publishing This So That Australians Can Get An Idea About The Spirit Of Some Business That Operate On The Lands, Often In Connection With Nations Like China, Israel, The Arab Emirates And Japan.

This Company Called VULY. A Company That Imports Products From China And Sells In To The Australian House Holds, The USA, The UK And The Middle East.

The Owner Of The Company is Some Type Of Sand Nigger Blood. Hence The Business Connection To The Middle East. Joe Andon Is An Occult Name.

The Office Has Large Posters Of Nasa Moon Landing And As A Company They Seemed To Worship Steve Jobs. Both Points Out Of Ignorance Or Occult Intent.

The Name Vuly Is Also An Occult Name.

So Here Is How The Story Goes. These Unholy Cunts That Run A Battery Business Sacked Me After A Short Period Of Employment. Didn’t Really Need To. Business Made Lots Of Money. I Was Doing Some Good Stuff There. Some Things Were Going Well, And We Were Proving Conversion On The Work That Was Being Done. Anyways, Different Story.

I Drove Up To Brisbane And Interviewed With This Company Vuly. They Asked Some Hard Questions Some I Got, Some I Passed On. But Soon After They Offered Me A Role.

With The Salary They Offered Me, It Was By No Means The Highest In The Company, But High Enough That The Company Would Give A Shit About The Role. And The Role Of SEO, Is Relatively Important To Most Companies.

So Ill Reference Homie Hans Just Briefly. He Says In His Work. He Rekon. Da Bapho Cult. Be Slippin. And He Is Right. As You Travel Through Government, Corporate, Life In General. The ‘’Freemasons’. The Blues Who Picked Up A Bunch Of Free Masonry. Hilarious Interpretation Homie Hans. They Are Really Not That Bright And Often Times Retarded.

So The Creator Puts Me In These Jobs For A Reason. I Really Think He Is Trying To Show Me Around The Joint. He Actually Doesn’t Expect These People To Be Cunts And Fire Me. So With This Gig, I Moved All My Shit To Brisbane. And Come 2/3 Months The Blue Blood Saturn Cult Cunts Sacked Me.

But While I Was There They Were Taking Me Seriously. As A Semi Senior Hire. So There Was A Particularly Fat Dumb Cunt Working There. Who Toured Me Around The Office And The Shipping Factory.

So A Couple Of Weeks Into The Role. As Im Finding Big Optimisations On Their Network. And Throwing My Weight Around. This Fat Cunt Starts Like Telling Me How The Business Operates. Around The Time He Tours Me Around Their Shipping Factory.

Remember, They Worshipped Steve Jobs So They Fancied Themselves As Marketing Geniuses. When You Look At The Website, Its Heavy Sleek Marketing. They Basically Polish A Turd. And Thats What The Fat Guy Says To Me. 

I Couldn’t Believe It. He Was Like. We Don’t Care About Product Quality At All. We Buy The Cheapest Shit Money Can Buy, All We Care About Is Margin. It’s A Marketing Business.

So This Company, Thats Full Of Chinese, Indian, Feces Toned Sand Niggers. Is Shipping Products To Children Primarily Around Australia. And One Of Their Senior People. Is Saying They Don’t Give A Fuck About Product Quality.

We Are Talking Bicycles, Trampolines, Children’s Play Toys.

During The Time, I Was Responsible For Reviewing Their Google Reviews. Tons Of People Were Complaining About Things Like Swing Sets Going Into The Garden And Rusting In No Time. Their Marketing Promotes The Quality Of Their Stuff using Sleek Graphic Design, But Given That Their Leaders Literally Say, We Don’t Give A Fuck About Quality. The Marketing Is Just A Front & A Fraud.

This Story Is Relevant To Me Now, Because I Know Of The Foul Spirit Of The Chinese In Particular As Well As The Saudi’s Toward Our People. So Having Chinese Business That Think They Can Just Ship Any Junk Into Our Lands, Completely Unacceptable.

In The Years We Ran Importation Businesses, We Developed Transparent Platforms And Technology That Helped Identify Curse Products From Legit Market Players Who Iterated & Refined Their Products. We Literally Took A Stand Against Media Forces That At The Time, We Were Mice In Comparison To. Often At The Cost Of Thousands Of Dollars We Could Ill Afford To Lose.

Even Though Business People Have To Make Hard Decisions At Times, Making Decisions In The Interests Of Protecting Humanity And Human Health Can Best Be Described As Travelling North.

Sometimes It Feels Like You Build For Years And Ultimately End Up With Nothing. But In Your Morality And Heart Testing, They Want To See That Behind The Scenes Of Closed Factory Doors, People Are Self Scrutinising. People Who Don’t And Just Aim To Pump Dollars, Really Will Have Finite Longevity And Come Up On The Wrong Side Of Mysterious Forces. 

So That Is Vuly, Its A Chinese / Indo Brown / Saudi Sand Nigger Corporation. Shipping Toys To Australian Children. Absolute Contempt For Their Wellbeing And Safety. They Are Anything But Marketing Geniuses. They Are Low Blood Cult Faggots.

I Was Going To Seperate This Last Story Into A Different Post, But Will Include It Here Just So You Can See The Spirit And Intention Of The Curse Corporations.

The Day They Fired Me, I Had A Date With A Greek Girl I Met At A Speed Dating Event. Thats How Sinister They Are. I Initially Thought About It And Figured That It Must Have Been A Leak From My Google / Gmail Account. But Being Realistic. I Went To A Pub And Sat With Like I Can’t Remember How Many Women, Almost 20. So The Leak Could Have Come From Anywhere. There Were A Bunch Of Filthy Yellow There As Well. Im Sure My Presence At A Pub Was Encoded In Their Faggot Masonry.

So Thats How Head Sick The Chink, Indo Brown, And Feces Toned Sand Nigger Cults That Run Curse Corporations On Our Land Are. They Are Not Here To Build And Create. They Are Here To Saturn Rape Us. They Are Here To Have Contempt For Our Children In Their Own Gardens, And Be So Intrusive In Our Lives That They Will Fire You From A Role Specifically To Prevent A Connection To Your Own People. Your Own Blood. They Are Trying To Divide Us With Elemental Force. 

Guarantee You.

We Are Better At That Game. 

We Are Going To Take The Saturn Rape On To Their Own Lands.

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