An Invitation To That Room Upstairs

Just Some Words About This Image.

Im Going To Elaborate In A Post Called Is There An Omnipotent God? It Also Crosses Over On Concepts Im Going To Cover On The Pentagram / Inverted Pentagram Post.

But In Essense If You Are Pushing Emotion, If You Are Pushing Intellect, If You Are Pushing An Authentic Feeling, Authentic Communication. Real Humanity.

They Are Not Pushing You.

Guarantee It.

These Bands Are Australian – Smaller Market. They Achieve Great Things in Terms Of View Counts.

But Getting Them Out To The Audiences The AshkaRuski Blew Jew Cult Push Their Brain Poison On, Never Going To Happen.

Ive Done The Leg Work Telling You What Jew Tube Is. Its An Abuse Platform. Ive Got A Couple More Posts To Do. I Advise You To Use It To Rip Media, Find The Good Stuff. Unsub From The Brain Rape. Unfortunately The Americans See Us As Their Mockery And Their Food. As A Consequence Expect To See Lots Of Dead Americans. Defunct Corporations.

But Diversify Your Media Consumption.

The Message For These People. Is There Are Other Things You Can Practice. Media Exposure Is Nice. An Authentic Connection To The Creator Where He Responds To Your Communications. Much Nicer. When You Get That. Thats When The Blew Jew Cults Start Shitting in Their Pants And Filling The Media With Slander Trash Which Doesn’t Cut At All, And Will Wind The Cults Up Being Corpsed.

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