2 Meditations On Growing Wealth And Family For All Races

This Is A Meditation For All Peoples On How To Find Prosperity In A World Where Finding A Moral Christian Path Seems So Complex.

I’ll Start By Sharing Some Information On How I Think.

Firstly If You Think I Believe Saying – Murder This, Rape That – I Will Be On The Receiving End Of Greater Wealth And Fortune. YOU MUST BE OFF YOUR TITS.

Also If You Think My Hope Is To Have Greater Fortune Than A Black Man Or An Asian Man Through Force. OFF YOUR TITS.

Fact of The Matter Is, Im Sitting In Jail. Thinking I Just Got Over A Year Of Abuse Doing 6 Months Hard Work. Now I Have To Get Over More Abuse And No One Is Going To Want To Date Me Or Work With Me While I Have To Kick The Shit Out Of A Bunch Of Niggers And Purple Monkey God Worshiping Swine.

Again. Just A Shit Job I Have Inherited. 

Things Have Turned To Violence Because Of The Extreme Force Excerpted On Me.

Now, Another Way I Think. For Example. With Me Wanting A Family. Sure Im Getting A Little Older. But I Always Want To Do Things The Right Way. So Realistically Taking A Little More Time To Find The Right Person Has Been Wise.

My Knowledge Of Biology Has Also Improved A lot. And I Now Realise Birthing Babies Is Just Not Going To Happen For Me. If I Keep Aiming For The Chin.

But The Real Meditation Here Is.

The Way I Think. My Current Situation. Your Current Situation.

All Completely Perfect In The Eyes Of The Creator.

The Real Question Is. How Much Attention Are You Paying To The Communication Your Creator Sends? How Much Effort Are You Paying To Gods Rule Book Or Word According To The Bible? How Much Effort Are You Investing In Stepping Up Your Own Intelligence Or Mind? Are You Speaking For Other Races Or Just Yourself?

These Are Parameters You Can Contemplate On Because That Is How Your Masonic Heart Testing And Occult Sin Testing Will Be Carried Out. 

Ultimately Initiation Feels Like Your Heart Melts Into A Plane.

So Again. Meditation. Right Now. At This Moment. EVERYTHING IS EXACTLY HOW THE CREATOR FEELS IT SHOULD BE. My Family, Wealth, Situation.

You Grow In Wealth By Making Sure Your Exertion, Your Effort, Your Etheric Commits Are Wise And Divine. Don’t Worry If At Time You Have To Be Violent. God Knows That Like Many Animals. If People Excerpt Force Against Us. We Strike Back.

The Cults Use This And Abuse You, Then Try To Create Negative Energy In Media Upstream.


So I Used The Photo Of A Former Colleague.

I Have Said To Friends Before, Apologies. I Used Your Photo On The Interwebs. If You Felt Any Kick Back From That. Not My Intention.

In The Photo Some Elements To Notice. Yellow Stripes. I Call The Pattern A Hard Cut, Or A Hard Division By The Creator. Yellow Has A Particular Esoteric Read. She Is In Black. And She Has A Heavy Metal Jewellery Piece On. I Don’t Know What You Call That In Women’s Fashion. But Its Elemental Masonry I Can Assure You.

So The Message Here. Is Not. BITCH YOU IS UNHOLY!

When You Do Such Decode Reading Of Your Past Life. Chalk It Up To Being Just 1 Moment. Take The Message, Don’t Dismiss It Completely. But Don’t Take It To Heart. Because Cult Masons Are Such Nasty Faggots. They Will Encode A Lot Of Nasty Shit. So Not Taking It To Heart Is Important. 

But Instead Of Dismissing It Completely. Meditate On This.

MEDITATION = If This Was What The Creator Was Telling Me In One Moment Of My Life. What Scenario. What Colour Palette, What Message. What Geometry. Can I Create. If I Learn A Sublime Command Of My Being And A Sublime Command Of Utilising Gods Spirit.

Concluding. That Sublime Command Of Spirit. My Favourite Book in The Bible. Revelation. If You Wonder How The Deep Esotericism In That Book Is Possible. For Example Ascending To A Throne With Elders And Particular Colours / Stones Etc Mentioned. Its All Possible Through Ability To Consume Spirit And Posture Your Being In Defence Of Divinity.

More Soon. 


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