Єлена Ємчук – Who Wouldn’t Stand Inside Your Love?

Stand Inside Your Love
Stand Inside Your Love

Holy Shit Bruz.

U Got A Complex Love Life.

It’s Like HelAlLaurettaCastles.

Almost Like StuBella Laurie Nobilis Harvey.

Fix Your Shit Up Bro. People Is Watching.

My Love Life Is Clean And Simple.

Apart From The Nuclear Meltdown. And The Tsunami. And The Rapidly Encroaching Horny Cousins.

Not To Worry.

I Have A Plan. In Deeze Hostage Negotiations. I’m Going To Demand Helicopters. Black Helicopters.

And Just U And Me. R Gonna Split. I’m Thinking North Pole Or South.

It Will Be Warm There. We Can Meet Some Young Inuit Chicks.

They Love Anal.

We Will Leave All This Shit Behind Us.

Hope U Iz On Board.


PS – Can’t Believe I Bumped This Tune So Many Times And Never Saw This Shit.

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