New Video Distro Strategy – New Video Now Live

Just A Quick Note. We Have A New Distro Strat For The Vid We Produce.

We Are Going To Test:

Rumble –
Odysee –

Didn’t Post This Video To TikTok Because I Figured Id Get A Community Strike. But Will Do Custom Stuff For TikTok From Time To Time.

Youtube: We Are Going To Keep Publishing To Youtube And Do Some Custom Stuff For Youtube Also. Im Just A Bit Cautious That The Return Is Not There In Comparison To The Influence Our Overall Media Has.

BitChute – Im Going Easy On The Bit chute Channel. I Like The Platform. But I Don’t Like The Covert Censorship. Thats What it Is. Its Not Just Random Tech Failure At their End. They Run Covert Shit On Bitchute. Lots Of Bitchuters Have Detected That Already. Maxy Igan Better Stop Felating The Founder And Give Him A Stern & Steady Talking To.



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