The II Biggest Conspiracies They Won’t Tell You About.  

So Homie Hans Demon Hat. 

Reckons. The Two Biggest Conspiracies Are. 

Flat Earth. And The Bapho Invert Cult.

The Bapho Invert Cult Is Kind Of Big. No One Really Teaches You About It.

With Flat Earth. It’s Really Not That Big. There Is No Way That Men Are Raised To The Level Of Like Airline Pilot And Engineer And Etc Etc Without Knowing This Shit.

But I Have II Bigger Conspiracies For You. That Are More Sinister Than Both Of Those.

  1. The Incorrect Physical Death Cult.
    They Are Everywhere. Projecting Bollocks Stories From Media. Deceiving You. Abusing The Word Of The Bible. Manipulating The Light. Bending The Narrative. They Don’t Want You To Ascend The Correct Way. They Don’t Want You To Practice Correct Life. Divine Physical Death. They Do Anything In Their Power. Diet. Money. Remote Spiritual Abuse. Abuse Then Upstream Manipulation To Claim You Are Bad Energy. Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit. They Try Anything To Keep You From Understanding This Concept And Putting It Into Practice.

    They Have Spent Many Millions Of Dollars Trying To Put Me In A Grave Early.

    Huge Conspiracy. Massive. Ginormous! No 1 Teaches You About It.
  2. The All Pervasive Downward Transmutation Of The Pineal Gland.

    It’s All Throughout Products. Food Additives. Water Products. Drinks. Cosmetics. They Are Always Practicing The Downward Transmutation Of The 3rd Eye. Trying To Suppress Pharaonic Consciousness And Pharaonic Mystical Capabilities. They Have Never Wanted That To Return To Earth And Would Rather Try And Install A NWO.

    Huge Conspiracy. Massive. Mega. Ginormous. Monstrously Large Conspiracy. And Again. Few Corporates. Supermarkets Are Trying To Address This And Remove From Their Products. They All Comply With The Dark Cults And Feed On Our Blood.

So They Are Two Bigger Conspiracies To Wrap You Chops Around And Try And Eliminate From Your Life. II Conspiracies That Trump Hans Demons Hats Conspiracies. 

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