Decoding United Kingdom

So This Is A Fairly Straight Forward Decode. Earlier On I Said. Im Not Sure If United Kingdom Is A Suitable Name For That Land Mass. Because You Find They Shape All The Names To Particular Agendas. In Particular The Downward Transmutation Of The Eye. But It Also Becomes Apparent. Almost In The Fashion Of… Continue reading Decoding United Kingdom

Race Decode China

This Is A Fairly Simple Decode. We Have Said In Our Work.  China. It’s A Yellow Race. Corruption Of Humanity Breeding.  And We Have Said, It’s Our Obligation To Oversee Them. The Flag Is A Yellow Star. Corruption Of Humanity Magic.  You Get A Bit More Out Of The Word Decode. So China Ends In… Continue reading Race Decode China

Black Chequered Von Dutch – Some Detail About The Dutch And The Netherlands

I Won’t Do A Race Decode Here. But I Have Said In Other Places. In The English Language, Dutch Seems To Be A Joke About Being Average. I Didn’t Really Know That From Hearing It Being Used That Way In English, But Picked It Up Somewhere. And Netherlands, Nowhere Lands. Etymology Is Low Lands. Sounds… Continue reading Black Chequered Von Dutch – Some Detail About The Dutch And The Netherlands

Race Decode: Nation

This Is An Interesting Decode Nation Reads: South Divine Transmutation Eye Saturn South. Fairly Shithouse Hey As Far As Reads Go. I Do Have The Tendency To Say ‘Our Nations’ In My Own Political Writing.  So I Need To Find Better Words And Concepts To Work With. Notice It Contains Almost 2 Of Our Phonetic… Continue reading Race Decode: Nation

Race Decode: India

I Think This Is A Fairly Simple Decode. The Read On India Is Eye South Doorway Eye Divine Sometimes, I Read Letter Combos Like IN As Eye South, Meaning The Southerly Flesh Aspect Of The 3rd Eye. Or Maybe An Energising Channel To The 3rd Eye. I Don’t Really Get The Impression That Thats What… Continue reading Race Decode: India

Race Decode: Flag

This Is A Fairly Simple Decode We Would Read It As “Corrupt Energy Base Divine Gnosis” So The Two Critical Aspects Are F And LA LA – Being One Of Our Phonetic Curse Keys. (Base Divinity) So It’s Ultimately A Low Form Of Communication. There Is Different Geometric Meaning In Most Flags.  Despite It’s Lowness.… Continue reading Race Decode: Flag

Race Decode: England

This One Is Interesting. We Say Of English. That The Etymology Relates To Angel. Yet. We Don’t Ask. Why Did It Change? Why Don’t We Say Anglia Or Angelish? Seems Like Anglia Was An Old Name Used. So How Does England Decode? Energy South Gnosis Base Divine South Doorway. Land Is Kind Of Mysterious As… Continue reading Race Decode: England

Race Decode: Canada

Just Going To Bang This One Out Quickly. Generally Speaking. Canadians Seem To Be Raised in A Similar Way That We Were Raised. Kind Of Open Minded And Easy Going. For Years I Have Followed A Dude, Who Kind Of Talks About Establishing A New Nation In Canada, Because Canada Is False. Its Fairly Easy… Continue reading Race Decode: Canada