Understanding The Complexity Of Japanese Cursing & The Use Of Phonetic Cursing In General

This Is Just A Short Explanation Of The Complexity Of Japanese Cursing.

I’ll Start With Some Discussion About The Language.

So Japanese Words Are Constructed With Blocks Of Sounds Ending With Vowels.

Excuse My Rudimentary Explanation. I Am Not A Cunning Linguist.

Why This Is The Case. I Don’t Know. But It Sounds Almost Like A Fabricated Language. Maybe Not As Ancient As Reported, Who Knows.

Anyways, When Japanese People Speak. Fluently. They Endeavour To Sound Refined, If They Are Hi-So Yip’s.

It’s Not Like They Sound Like Bogans.

But Keep in Mind, With Such A Blocky Language. A Japanese Person With Intention To Curse. Can Easily Produce Cursing Patterns. A Japanese Person, With No Intention To Curse Still May Be Writing Curses Into Reality. Because Of The Blocky Nature Of The Language And The High Probability The Phonetic Patterns They Are Producing Are Energetically Blocking Or Suppressive.

In This Story Im Not Going To Give You A Specific Curse Pattern. But Its A Pattern I Have Seen Utilised In Multiple Places.

So When I Recently Complained About A Youtube Channel. That Was Propagating Curses Against Us. You Might Kind Of Think. What’s The Big Deal? A Japanese Person Can Do What They Want.

Not The Case. I Mean These People Are Supposed To Be Our Neighbours. They Are Supposed To Business Associates. You Think We Would Let Them Ship Products Into Our Nations. And When We Look Down At What They Are Doing To Our Upcoming Leaders, Be Happy They Are Shitting All Over Our Names?

What Nation Works Like That? What Peoples Works Like That.

So On The Surface Level. We Shouldn’t Be Looking Down At A Bunch Of Filthy Yellow Spirit Cursing Us. Continuously. As A Side Note. We Couldn’t Give A Fuck What A Bunch Of Japs Think About How We Look, How We Smell. What We Eat. Or How We Fuck. We Just Really Couldn’t Give A Fuck.

But I’ll Be Explicitly Clear. 

First, There Has Been A Plethora Of Cursing From The Japs. Who Have Endeavoured To Kill Us.

And Also, A Small Curse That You Perceive As Me Bitching About A Youtube Channel. Is Not A Small Curse.

Imagine Walking Through Multiple Nations And Finding The Same Phonetic Curse?

Imagine Walking All Day. And All Night. And Then Pulling Into A Random Spot. After Passing A Multitude Of Other Spots To Stop In. So A Random Choice. And Finding That Exact Same Particular Japanese Phonetic Curse. Like A Complex Elemental Animism Spirit Curse. How The Fuck Can That Happen? My Answer Is Again. Yips And Chinks With Mobile Phones Can Do A Lot. But I Don’t Believe The Propagation Of These Curses Is Entirely Human Propagated.

There Is An Unholy Yip Beast In The Room Upstairs. Writing These Things Into Spirit. Propagating Them Amongst Races. Specifically To Suppress Our Blood. Which Deep Down. It Should Know. They Are Inferior To Us. Argue It How You Please. Our Blood Has A Closer Connection To God. We’re Not Looking To Deal With Uncle Tom’s. But We Also Don’t Accept Curse Monsters.

And Then Imagine Coming Up Against The Same Phonetic Curse In Jail. They Repeat It And Spread It.

Anyways, I’m Not Going To Disclose The Nature Of That Phonetic Curse.

But I’m Going To Give You Another Example. Using The Word Bella.

Just To Make A Black Dog Feel Better About Itself. Shit House Curse Name Sweetheart.

Anyways. As I Travelled. I Wondered. Why The Fuck Is The Name Being Propagated So Far And Wide.

You Can See Even In My Work, It Is Being Used In Mysterious Places.

I Saw It In Burma, Thailand, New Savile.

So Evidently, They Want To Push A Curse Bride On You.

But If You Look At The Name, The Etymology Is On The Crap Side.

Also The Connection To Italian, Relating To Beautiful. Maybe In Some Respects The Biblical Esotericism Suggests Vanity.

But The Real Point I Want To Make, Is Bella Is A Base Heavy Physical Death. So It’s A Wrong Death Curse.

Same Like I Said With RBA Australia. It’s A Matter Heavy Physical Death. We All Want Nice Things. But You Find, Now I Can Run Complex Communications With All Of Earths People, With Just Consumer Grade Technology That’s Getting Cheaper Every Year. I Can Run The Whole Thing Off A Single Solar Panel. So Why Would I Go To A Bank And Get A Billion Dollar Business Loan? Don’t Make No Sense.

So The Bella Phonetic Curse, Similar To The Japanese Shinto Nature Curse I Found Spread In The Most Random Mysterious Places. They Spread Energy Blocking, Dividing, Suppressing And Abusive Cursing All Across The Plane. In An Attempt To Curtail Us. And Prevent Our Ascension Into Realms Our People Always Go To.

That’s One Of Their Core Objectives, To Prevent Us Simply Reaching Our Natural Spiritual And Mental Capabilities

The Truth About Our Relationship With Races Such As Japanese And Thai, Is That A Little Decoding And A Little Experience. And It’s Easy To Know The Nature Of Our Relationship With These People. The Problem Is. They Have Chosen To Abuse It. Challenge Us. And Realistically. Attempt To Murder Us. Creating An Intergenerational Theft. That’s Not Going To Turn Out Well For Them. I’m Not Going To Give You The Decode Points Just Now, But To Me Our Relationship With These People Is Not A Mystery. I Know Who Should be Doing What.

Anyway I’ll Conclude There. You Can See That Cursing is Not Just A Simple Matter Of Shit Heads Spreading Slander. It’s About The Propagation Of Energy Blocking Sounds And Symbols Being Pumped Into Spirit. Some of It Comes From Bad Spirited People. Some Of It From Entities That Exist In Spirit Itself. You Might Find We Are Even Dealing With The Spirits That Have Created The Thai And Japanese People.

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