New Project Launches

Hey Guys, This Is Probably The Last Launch Announcement You Will See On Divine Decodes. If You Read One Of The Announcements You Will See We Have Built Something To Take On That Role. And Divine Decodes Will Be A Little Bit Cleaner With All Of Our Network Links Posts Going To That Site. Feel… Continue reading New Project Launches

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Death In The Park

A death in the park, a death in the darkI’m calling the cops, cops calling all carsIt’s not the way they want it to beIt’s not the way they wanted it to be The freaks on the phone, the freaks in my homeMy elbows propped so I could take a cheap shot at youYou’re not… Continue reading Death In The Park

Decoding Racism 

I Did A Picture About This. And If You Follow What We Teach And You Compute. Then….You Probably Would Have Got It.  Anyways. Referencing Our Decode On Antisemitism. You Don’t Even Have To See It As A Jew Thing. Because We Are Taught The Nature Of The Enemy Is To Deceive. To Lie.  And On… Continue reading Decoding Racism